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Solutions That Drive Approx. 48%
ROI For Digital Consulting Firms.

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    Healthcare Experience Snapshot


    YEARS in leading Healthcare
    Digital Transformation


    Rapid Prototypes
    in Healthcare






    Focused GEOGRAPHIES,
    US & UK

    Expert Product Engineering for Healthcare Innovations

    Turning Healthcare Innovations into Reality with Expert Product Engineering.


    Crafting digital healthcare consulting concepts into strategic roadmaps, empowering exceptional product design & development.


    Our healthcare-driven innovation and New Product Development empower digital healthcare consulting firms, giving them a unique market edge.

    Rapid Prototypes

    We turn digital healthcare consulting firms’ ideas into user-rich prototypes, PoCs, and MVPs, ensuring market resilience.


    We accelerate the growth of existing healthcare products in collaboration with digital healthcare consulting firms, ensuring seamless enhancements.


    Proven Expertise In Healthcare Tech Products

    We proudly present our cutting-edge product engineering solutions, crafted through strategic technology partnerships
    with top healthcare and digital healthcare consulting firms.

    • Electronic Medical Record System
    • Lab, Pharma, and Clinic Management
    • Hospital Management System
    • Healthcare Analytics
    • Doctor Referral System
    • Medicine Dispense System
    • Remote Patient Consulting
    • Integration with Experian and EPIC
    • Healthband and COVID Tracker

    Delivering Excellence to Digital Consulting & Turnkey Solution Providers

    With a legacy spanning over 7 years, we’ve solidified our position as invaluable experts, driving innovation as implementation
    and technology extension partners for digital healthcare consulting and turnkey solution providers.

    EV Charging

    Healthcare Institutes

    Specializing in Oncology care. Seeking a tech
    partner for custom healthcare solutions,
    including file and queue management.

    EV Charging

    Pharma ISV

    Empowering healthcare facilities with innovative
    medicine dispensing solutions. Seeking a tech
    team for innovation and product acceleration

    EV Charging

    Healthcare ISVs

    Niche healthcare digital firms offer tailored solutions for
    Hospitals, Doctors, and Patients through ISVs. Seeking
    a tech partner for innovative startup collaboration.

    EV Charging

    One of the Top 5 Consulting Firms

    Leading global consulting firm offering turnkey
    solutions. Seeking a tech team for rapid development
    of customized EMR and Hospital Management solutions.

    EV Charging

    Non-Profit Healthcare IT

    Transforming low-resource healthcare with
    open-source EMR and Analytics. Seeking a tech team
    for rapid innovation, prototyping, and accelerating the
    Digital Healthcare platform.

    EV Charging

    Digital Product Engineering Organizations

    Offering customized Hospital Management Solutions
    for large healthcare facilities. Seeking an
    extended tech team for rapid development

    Key Advantages

    Outpace Competition

    Collaboration and Transparency

    Proven Tech Excellence in Innovation

    Stay Ahead in Evolving Industry

    Increase Adoption and Engagement

    Security and Compliance Expertise

    Experience Cost-Effective Solutions With TekMindz And Realize An Average ROI Of Around 48%

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    About TekMindz

    Established in 2007, TekMindz is a prominent IT Consulting and Product Engineering Services firm. For more than 7 years, we are seamlessly delivering customer-centric healthcare solutions, exemplified by our work on platforms like OpenMRS and DHIS2. Our expertise extends to collaborating with healthcare digital consulting firms, driven by our tech expertise and innovation.

    Our healthcare mission encompasses technology-enabled innovations, swift product development from ideation to productization, modernization, maintenance, and enhancement.

    With a global presence spanning North America, the UK, and Africa, TekMindz is primed for substantial growth in the healthcare sector, leading the way in transformative healthcare solutions.